Our Women's Initiative

At Sandberg Phoenix, we foster an environment where women thrive. 

Men and women, shareholders and associates alike come together to create a supportive environment for our female attorneys. However, we recognize that while women in the legal profession and within our firm have come a long way, there is room for additional growth.  

Our Women's Committee was formed to continually advocate for our female attorneys’ advancement and equal opportunity initiatives. Women now outnumber men as law school graduates and the private practice of law has some catching up to do in reflecting these numbers within its ranks. We monitor the advancements of our female attorneys and ensure we are given equal access and opportunities to succeed at all levels of our firm including management. Our committee hosts networking activities, plans educational programs, advocates for policy changes and strives to advance the personal and professional life of all female attorneys within our firm. 

Our Women's Committee and our members are dedicated to being at the forefront of gender equality in the legal industry. We will continue to take the steps, large and small, necessary to support our women as we shape the future of the legal profession. 

For more information on our women's initiative, please contact: 

Tracy Beckham Phipps
Women's Committee Chair

Narcisa Przulj
Women's Committee Chair

Ann Bodewes Stephens 
Women's Committee Chair