Our Values

At Sandberg Phoenix, we are committed to maintaining a culture of integrity and accountability.

We have turned our personal values into our shared company values by allowing everyone a seat at the table for involvement. Our process creates a culture of acceptance, belonging and respect. We live these values and integrate them into all aspects of our firm to ensure that we achieve our aspirations of providing the best client service in the legal industry.

We Put People First.

We value the happiness and well-being of our members and the communities we serve. We believe in communicating with people sincerely, internally and externally. We have a genuine commitment to interacting with people in positive ways and forging authentic relationships. Our commitment to putting people first is reflected in our values-based hiring and recruitment practices, flexibility in scheduling and open-door policy. 

We Wow Our Clients Every Day.

For more than 40 years, we have maintained a reputation for providing extraordinary client services, backed by a money-back guarantee that was among the first of its kind in the St. Louis region. We create genuine relationships with our clients and honor our commitments, adding value to their lives and meeting their needs wholly. We don’t just want to satisfy our clients – we want to wow our clients. 

We Take Responsibility.

We take personal responsibility when it comes to meeting the needs of our clients, coworkers and our firm goals. We act in ways that improve the lives of our employees and our clients by taking accountability and being responsive to each other. We own our actions, good or bad, and then make steps to adjust and move forward. 

We Invest in the Communities We Serve.

We are committed to public service. Every member of our firm has the social responsibility to improve the communities in which we live and work. Our investment ranges from monetary donations to helping those unable to afford legal services through our pro bono work to participating in community nonprofit organization initiatives. 

We Have Fun.

While work ethic is a strongly valued strength of our members, we try to not take ourselves too seriously. A fun and enjoyable work environment helps us keep perspective and allows us to look forward to coming to work every day.

We Never Stop Learning. 

Our team is committed to lifelong learning. Lifelong learning is about recognizing your blind spots and deliberately and voluntarily taking steps to develop those blind spots. We believe in maintaining a positive attitude while we further our knowledge and develop new skills ranging from keeping up to date on legal trends to learning a new hobby. 

For more information about our values, please contact:

Jeffrey Dunn
Values Committee Chair

Kate Ewing
Director of Strategic Business Development and Marketing