Why Us?

At Sandberg Phoenix, we are rebelling against long-standing assumptions about law firms and re-examining traditional business models to create innovative legal services.

We're not satisfied with the status quo and never afraid to challenge conventional wisdom. We pride ourselves on a progressive culture and rewarding career path opportunities. Read to see how our values impact our day-to-day life. 


  • Mutual respect and collaboration from the top-down
  • Emphasis on a healthy balance of work and life 
  • Strong support and mentorship to encourage teamwork and a growth mindset
  • Frequent social and networking events to build and sustain meaningful relationships
  • Rewarding community involvement in the areas we live and work
  • Foster an inclusive environment and value diversity within our firm and with our clients
  • Open-door policy to guarantee fluid communication
  • On and off site firm activities to fosters a fun and enjoyable environment

Career Path

  • Continuous and frequent professional development opportunities
  • Successful educational symposium and onboarding process
  • Flexibility in hours and billing requirements
  • Meaningful work that contributes to the goals of our firm
  • Values-driven and socially conscious methodology 
  • Business development coaching to cultivate relationships and build a client base
  • Strong employee engagement and opportunity for advancement
  • Ability to personally set and determine a variety of career tracks
  • Opportunity to hold a leadership position in one of our several committees